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Train anytime, anywhere with the fastest growing exercise program in the world. Whether it’s at home, in a gym or on vacation, Fusion Workouts exercises will improve muscular strength, stability, balance, flexibility and endurance as well as create improved mindfulness and peace of mind. So many ways to train with one proven effective recipe!


Fusion D’Fine

No weights… just hard core results. Body weight training is one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry today. Do it anywhere…anytime! This bodyweight workout combines core conditioning and muscle defining exercises from Pilates, flexibility and mobility from yoga and fluidity of movement from fitness and Barre techniques to define, align and sculpt the body. Choreographed to inspiring music, experience a new, innovative and challenging total body workout. Get D’Fined.



Fusion Align

Fusion Align is a Pilates, fitness and dance based workout that focuses on body balance and alignment to lengthen and strengthens your body through dynamic movements. With deep muscle engagement and our signature mindful training method, Fusion Align will increase balance, stability and mobility for a stronger healthier you.This core-centric workout challenges the entire body like never before while releasingundue stress through a unique dynamic flexibility method. By using movements from a variety of techniques and focusing on alignment you bring attention to posture and will feel the benefits immediately. Enhance your training and gain results in less time with this highly motivating workout choreographed to inspiring music.



Fusion Refine

With the signature fusion blend of fitness, yoga and Pilates the Fusion Refine workout focuses on balancing high energy exercises for strength and endurance with calming exercises to destress and unwind. This evolved workout takes the best of each training technique to truly give you a balance workout. Experience unique standing and floor exercises based on the principles of dynamic integrated core conditioning and mobility to give you grace and power. Experience in-depth cueing techniques; increase body awareness, breathing exercises and functional core training. Come away with a new and innovative ways to train the entire body while moving dynamically to inspiring music.


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Fusion Workouts is simple to follow and highly effective, combining the best of fitness, yoga, Pilates and barre into dozens of sequences.  It’s a must-have for a fun, practical and easy-to-use workout program that works for all ages and fitness levels.“

Jay Blahnik

Author of Full-Body Flexibility, Fitness Instructor of the Year for IDEA, canfitpro, and FILEX.

“Helen Vanderburg’s engaging style and genuine passion for helping people get fit make Fusion Workouts a must-read for everyone looking for proven workouts.”

Maureen (Mo) Hagan, BSc(PT)

Certified Fitness Professional, Vice President of Fitness Innovation for GoodLife Fitness Education and Events Director for CanFitpPro.

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